Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I hope you are all having
a fabulous Christmas Day!
We had a surprise visit from Santa
so, of course, we had to take
Phant out to see him
on his sleigh.
We aren't sure how his sleigh works
without any snow,
but apparently Santa has his ways.
(My, what lumpy legs you have Santa....)
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Christmas People

Husband and I went to see
a special Christmas concert
last night:
Gord Beukema and his Musical Saw.
Yes, saw, the kind you use
to cut down trees.
Consider this our gift to you:
Gord riffing on a Christmas carol:

Merry Christmas folks!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Husband had the day off today.
To mark the occasion, we went letterboxing!
Have you been before?
Have you ever heard of it?
Well, here's the deal:
Click on "Letterboxes",
search for your state and city,
print off the directions and clues
and you are off on a fun adventure!
(Note: you will need a rubber stamp of some sort, a stamp pad,
and a small blank notebook to record your letterbox finds in.)
Here was our first find of the day:
The box was underneath those sticks.
Once you find a box,
you will find a mini paper book
and a stamp inside, like this:
The stamp was wrapped in the brown cloth.
Here's a close-up of the stamp:
Cool, eh?
It is always awesome to find a hand carved stamp!
You use the stamp and pad that you brought with you
to make a stamp in the mini book. 
Here's an example of stamps that have been left in this letterbox:
Usually, you would list the date and where you are from
next to your stamp.
Then you use your pad and the stamp from the letterbox
to make a stamp impression on the notebook
that you brought with you.
Here is me getting all the "paperwork"
taken care of:
Here are my printed clues and
my book after I stamped it with the cat stamp
from the letterbox:
Replace everything back into the letterbox
you found, make sure it is mostly hidden
just as you found it and 
You've just letterboxed!
Our second box was found here:
See it?
Here's a closer look:
This is why I think it is important to bring
your Husband along with you when letterboxing.
The boxes are sometimes found in
spider-friendly places.
Husbands are always useful for putting their hands
into spidery spots!
The second stamp:
Another cool hand carved stamp!
Here it is in our notebook:
Isn't this the best fun?!
We have been letterboxing since 2003.
There are new boxes listed
on the website all the time so keep checking.
I think our next challenge may be to
hide a letterbox ourselves!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Shaft

We hopped on our bikes and
went to visit our old pals,

This was the welcome we got:

The butt from Puzzle.

And this from Bill :

Don't they look thrilled to see us?
I called them and called them.
I waved my carrot offerings high and low.
Well, Bill did lift his head and look my way once,
but he went right back to chomping grass.
Silly donkeys!

Luckily we did see some new creatures during our ride:

Baby turkeys!! 

They weren't too excited by us either
but at least two turned around and looked our way!

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Crazies in the Hood

Just when you think that
you are the only unusual person on the block,
you come upon a neighbor with this
in their front yard:
Upside down snowman

Aren't they fantastic?

The idea for this snowman is so awesome,
I wish it had been mine:

Upside-down snowman

Yippee for upside-down snowmen and
yippee for kooky neighbors!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Puzzling Situation

Blizzard conditions outside
mean a lot of inside time for us.
We always find fun things to do,
but I hate it when this happens:

Can you see the problem?

And now?

And now?

Let me tell you, buddy,
missing puzzle pieces make me go, "Grrrr!"

What have you been doing to amuse yourself
this winter?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mail Art

For those of you who were worried,
I haven't stopped sending mail.
I just haven't been very good
at posting about it. 

I'll use "the holidays"
as my excuse.


I love how this guy is not only cute
but is also helpfully
pointing the way towards the address.
I'm guessing that postal workers
really dig this kind of stuff.

Just a bunch of chicks
cackling away a meal...
Maybe it's just me, but
I think that the hen in the back
is racking her brain to find a way
to discreetly pull up her friend's bra strap.

Part human, part Klingon, part ape.

Don't think I'm not desperate to
bling out my cat's litter box in rhinestones after seeing this!
If only I had a Bedazzler...

Pretty birdies.
Do they really live in holes in trees?
Not nests?

Can't you just envision Phant going for a ride in this?
He'd wear a matching scarf, of course,
and maybe with just his head peeking out
of that hole in front.
One day Phant,
one day!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Rah-Rah For Centerpieces

Do you ever get the feeling that your
dining table needs a little sprucing up?

Instead of playing it safe with
a ho-hum floral arrangement
that will only wilt the next day,
try making something fun yourself.
I did.

Let's hear a big cheer for:

Paper Pom-Poms on a Stick!
Who knew shredded paper could be so fabulous?
A lesson that you can make cool stuff
out of anything.

So much better than typical flowers, right?
And, how timely seeing as it is NFL Play-Off time.

Go fun tablescapes!
Go Detroit Lions!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mail Art

Usually I attach some type
of visual picture to the mail
I send out and call it Mail Art.

But this Christmas,
I made a visual picture
out of the mail I received.

Christmas tree Mail Art.

The tree ended up being
about 7 1/2 feet tall
and over 3 feet wide at its widest point.

I spent the entire month of
December being thrilled, THRILLED,
by the pile of fun mail
that arrived daily in our mailbox!
Thank you to every single person
who thought of us this season.
A true delight of Christmas!

Let this be my appeal to the world:
Never stop sending Christmas cards through the mail!
Or, at least, never stop mailing them to me.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Time's Up!

Christmas has come and gone.
What a whirlwind!
Here's the rundown on our Official Activity List:

The Most Fun was the "secret" activity:
Call Friends and Family
and Carol Them Over the Phone!

People were caught off guard,
people were weirded out.
Some joined in the singing,
some moaned and, I suspect, rolled their eyes.
Others laughed and mocked.
Some applauded and cheered.
One nine-year-old told us not to quit our day jobs.
It was a blast!

The Most Involved was:
Stringing Popcorn Garland.

Popcorn Garland Christmas Tree
Sure, it looks charming.
But .  Come.  On.
With the slowness, the sticking yourself in the finger,
the blood on the popcorn,
the pieces breaking in half as your shove them on the needle,
the needle pulling off the thread constantly.

No wonder this tradition fell out of fashion.
Can't wait to do it again next year! 

The Least Involved:
Building a Snowman.
It simply couldn't be done.
We got no snow.  None.
Green/brown grass for Christmas.

What fun activities did you do this season?


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