Friday, February 19, 2010

Creative Craft Time: The Phant

Meet Phant!

stuffed elephant

This is Husband's stuffed elephant, Phant.  He has had him since he was a wee little boy.

End of Elephant nose and mouth showing wear

As you can see, Phant is starting to show his age so Husband thinks that it's best if he isn't handled too much.
But I simply can't resist.  So while Husband is off earning cash for our family,
I often create little adventures for Phant and me.  Here is a sampling of the fun we've had:

An act of art and creativity with the elephant dressed in a cape and crown while holding a wand

Your Royal Highness, Phant.
I'm pretty sure Husband thinks Phant is a male so the pink outfit would surely be considered questionable.

An Act of art and creativity with my stuffed elephant wearing a snowflake headband

Snowflake Phant, Ruler of all Winterland Fairies.
He governs with a gentle soul but isn't above taking out deviants with an icy dousing from his trunk.

Remember, this is secret fun for the Phant and me. 
Shhh...  Don't tell Husband.

PS.  No stuffed elephants were harmed during the filming of this blog post.

1 comment:

Amy said...

I'd say hes fortunate to be that old and still keep his trunk up like that


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