Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mail Art

More fun things came in the mail:
antique Air Mail stationery, stickers, and a decorated note card.
Very exciting!

received mail art

And I sent out some mail myself. 
I sent out four more than are shown here, but I forgot to photograph them before sending.
Oh well, it would have been too many photos anyway.

group mail art photograph
Monday's batch.  They always get backed up over the weekend due to no Sunday delivery.

mail art guy
Creepy guy in corduroy peeking at you and doing something strange with his hand...

mail srt crazy lady
"I just got a free makeover at the mall and now I feel like a million bucks!"

mail art king fisher
This bird is a King Fisher.  He's underwater in this photo and if you look closely
you can see white stuff at the end of his beak.  That's his catch.

mail art clown fish
This guy is such a clown.

If you would like to receive some mail, email me your address.
If you'd like to send me some mail, please feel free!

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