Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mail Art

It's mail time and
just look at these lovely letters I have received!

Self-made cards, little notes, and a long letter from my very first, official penpal in New Zealand.

Then came these two beauties from new friends that I've met through blogs:
Missive Maven and Letters, She Wrote.

Sadly, I have not been very productive in my mailings.
Too much work makes for a dull penpal...
Who doesn't love pinwwheels?

Now, if only I could shake this pesky job, I could send mail all day, every day!


Athena. said...

oh, i love mail!
these all look so lovely - i would love to have a penpal! ♥

PostMuse said...

I am always trying to find a way to create a job where all I did all day was handwrite letters on interesting stationery with intriguing envelopes. Letterhead begone!

My word verification is "insanize." That is a cool made-up word. I imagine it would me to make insane. My job insanized me.

Cari said...

Athena: send me your address and I'll write you!

PostMuse: If you every find such a job, hire me. Please, before I go insanize!

Michelle Elisabeth said...

Could I join the penpal list too? Handmade-mail is such a joy and often a rarity! Thank you :)


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