Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Phant Time!

Today was such a gorgeous Spring day that
Phant begged me to gather his friends together for a spot of tea in the yard.
Aren't they just precious all dressed up in their ribbons and bows?
The guests in attendance were:
Phant, Snow Goose, Christmas Duck, Pinkie Frog, and Cat Toy Mouse.
Can you find them all?

Oh yes, today was a great Phant Day!

As for me, I'm not so sure.
I enjoyed myself immensely but may have added to our neighborhood status as "The Oddballs." 
The old man who was mulching his yard across the street seemed to be sending me some
pretty strange looks.  I don't get it.  I mean, what's so weird about a grown-up lady
having a pretend picnic tea with her stuffed animals?

PS.  You wanted us to name our ducks so here are their new names:
Erma and Stanley,
but only if you are close acquaintances.
If not, then they are Mr. and Mrs. Wellington to you.
Husband has been referring to them simply as The Wellingtons.


The Missive Maven said...

I love this more than I can say. What silly joy.

I have become a big Phant fan, I think.

Anonymous said...

Was gonna comment on a blog post, but it turns out that page crashes
my BlackBerry. Weird.

Anyway, was gonna say how nice it is to see Cat Toy Mouse invited
along with the others for the garden tea party. You know, given the history of cat toys in this country. Brother


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