Sunday, April 25, 2010

Worm Rescue

We believe in providing encouragement to others and in cheering for the underdog.
We don't think you can get much more underdog than by being a worm.
So, Husband and I have begun our own Worm Rescue program in our neighborhood.
Worm Rescue involves saving worms from the street where they are both
in danger of getting run over by a car and too easily hunted by local robins.
If you would like to start a Worm Rescue program by your house,
simply follow these steps:

Step #1
Wait until it's mostly finished raining so that the worms you rescue can be
safely returned to the grass without drowning.

Step #2
Make an ambulance.

Step #3
Head out on patrol.

Step #4
Locate worms.

Step #5
Gently pick up the worms using either your fingers or a special tool called a stick.
(Sorry for blurry photo!)

Step #6
Place the worms in your ambulance.

Step #7
Transport the worms to a safe release area.

Step #8
Release the worms.

Remember: worms have no brains and need your help.


Anonymous said...

you will be proud to know that I too saved a worm from our driveway. I think he was cold, and couldn't move. I picked up the little thing, and placed him in the warm dirt. :)

Cari said...

Oh, thank you for being so kind and hooray for worm savers everywhere!

oneal629 said...

Sometimes, a serious subject can also be....hilarious! Ha ha ha!
And hey, thanks for stopping by my place and for your nice comment.


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