Sunday, May 16, 2010

Appreciation Tags

When a spring day is as sunny and cheery as it is today,
it makes me want to go outside and spread some love around.

So I made up some appreciation tags
and we headed out on a walk around the neighborhood
looking for things to love.

Aren't these flowers fabulous?
Definitely worthy of a tag.

We stopped at every beautiful thing we came across and

marked those house's mailboxes with our appreciation.

I love this house because it's right in the middle of our subdivision
yet something about it says 'farm house' to me.
Maybe it's all the fancy trim on the porch.

We gave out six tags on our short walk.
I hope they help make people happy!


MACsWIFERia said...

What a wonderful idea. i hope it will have made those people happy. perhaps i should try it sometime,

oneal629 said...

Will you please do me a favor and hang an "I love your boat" tag at the house wherever that swanky boat is parked?! Thanks!

Cari Lin said...

oneal: The boat's already been taken to the dock. I suppose I could still leave a note, although it may seem a bit creepy and make me look more like a stalker...

macswiferia: Thanks for the comment. You should definitely blog about your efforts, if you try it!

The Missive Maven said...

This is such a lovely thing to do. I hope the recipients appreciate your spontaneous joy-bringing!

Robyn @ The Birthday Project said...

Oh my word do I ADORE this idea! I just shared it with several thousands "friends" on my FB page. This is an awesome idea and everyone is going to love it along with me! You rock, girl! Cute blog, precious heart...I can tell! :)


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