Saturday, May 08, 2010

A Hobo Walk

Sometimes you just want to pack up your things and get away from it all, like a hobo.
And sometimes you just want to pretend.
Today was a pretend-type day.

So, I made up some hobo sticks

and headed out for a walk.

It got a little adventurous in the wind.

But I quickly got things under control and was back on my hobo way.

Aren't hobo sticks a great way to brighten up a cold and blustery spring day?

Back at home, I couldn't bring myself to pop them so I did something much better:
I stuck them in the tree by our front door for all the neighbors to see and enjoy.
Pretend days are some of my most favorite things.

1 comment:

oneal629 said...

Fun way to take a break from reality! If it had been me, I would have pretended I was the owner of that boat across the street and ran off to the nearest lake for a pretend day of boating!


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