Monday, May 03, 2010

A Magical Adventure

I was out in my backyard today and you'll never believe what I saw!
I could hardly believe it myself.  Look!

A garden fairy in my lilac bush!
I wanted to see her better, so I moved in closer.

Isn't she divine?
I think I startled her because after this close-up, she took off across the garden.

She zoomed by the rose bush.

Then up high into the dogwood tree.

As a last attempt to shake me, she dove down low into the ground cover,
but I stayed right with her.

Finally, exhausted and bedraggled, she had to pull in for some fuel at the bird feeder.
I felt sorry for tiring her out so I went back inside but, man,
what an amazing thing to see in the yard.
And double amazing that I just happened to have my camera with me!

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