Friday, May 07, 2010

Mail Art

This week's mail has gone out:

I would cheer this kid on, but who would want pies that are this color green?
What kind of pies would these be?  Brussel sprout pies?

Some cheery spring flowers.  Tis the season and all...

Mr. President enjoying a nice little chuckle to himself,
hopefully not at my expense.

And, what, may I ask, does this girl have on her lips? 
They look like vinyl press-on lips,
like that guy's from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, only even more so.


Erimentha said...

your mail art inspires me. who do you send this impressiveness to??


Cari Lin said...

Thanks for the compliment! I send mail to friends and family, fellow bloggers, and to my penpal. Would you like to exchange mail with me? If so, email me your address to:


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