Monday, June 07, 2010

This Rocks!

Husband and I were really rockin' today.
First, we painted.

And created these friendly stones.

Then, we drove to Centennial Park downtown
where we scattered them around for others to find.
Here's a whole tribe at the base of a tree.

A couple of surprises at the base of a fence post.

A message of love in a rocky flower bed.

And, of course, a little dude on a bench.

We left 20 rocks total and hope that they cheer and
amuse whomever should stumble upon them.
Maybe we'll go back next week and see how many have been found.
If we do, I'll keep you posted!


Angie Swank said...

Did you use waterproof paint? You two are always so darn perky!

Cari Lin said...

No, we didn't use waterproof paint, just cheap tempera. It rained today. I wonder what the rocks look like now. Ha!

oneal629 said...

Very nice! Like a pay it forward kinda thing.


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