Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hungry Husband

Husband takes a bag lunch to work with him.
I used to pack it for him in a brown paper bag,
but recently I've felt a little guilty about the use of paper.

So, I came up with another option:
I made him a reusable bag.

Husband's Lunch Bag

I had some left over muslin fabric and
some embroidery thread so I simply used what I already had.
Viola! An environmentally friendly lunch bag.
I offered to put handles on the bag but
Husband thought that would be too much.
I was afraid that he would be embarrassed to take the bag to work,
but he was rather excited to have it.

Pretty inventive of me to stitch "Lunch Bag" on the front, eh?

1 comment:

Husband said...

the words LUNCH BAG on the bag help me remember what's inside. it doesn't look embarrassing at all and i really quite like it.


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