Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Lucky Day

We went for a hike today at Van Raalte Farms.
First, we came upon a huge, steep hill that is used as a sledding hill in the winter.
It's summer and we decided it was perfect for rolling down.
So, that's just what we did.

We each laid on our sides and rolled all the way down to the bottom.
It was so fun!
And, we felt so sick and dizzy afterwards. 
It was great, a highly recommended activity.
We even had an audience of one old man.
I tried to get him to have a go at rolling,
but he was worried about breaking something.
Still, he seemed amused by our efforts.

After a sit on the bench to allow our stomachs to settle,
we continued on our hike and
guess what Husband found growing in the middle of the trail?

Two Four-Leaf Clovers
TWO four-leaf-clovers!

Neither of us have ever found an actual four-leaf-clover before and
today Husband spotted two within a few steps of each other.
Of course, I began looking around like a crazed person
trying to find one myself but I came up empty.
Still, we are expecting some pretty lucky things
to happen for us in the next week or so.

Have you ever found a four-leaf-clover growing in the wild?

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