Monday, August 23, 2010

Off to the Races

You may remember my first feather/driftwood sailboat
from a previous post.
Since then, I have made three more boats
and found some acorn riders for them.

Meet the fleet:

Fleet of Feather Sailboats

And what are a fleet of sailboats for if not to have a sailboat race?
That's right folks, we're having a race.
Just like they do at the horse races,
let's trot out the sailboats one-by-one and take a look.

Here's Pink.
She is on the smaller side and sailing a solid white feather.

Pink Feather Sailboat

Next up is Blue.
She's one of the larger boats and is flying a black and white feather.

Blue Feather Sailboat

And here's the purple boat, the largest in our fleet,
sailing a black-tipped feather.

Purple Feather Sailboat

And finally, we have yellow boat.
She's the smallest of the racers and is flying a white sail.

Yellow Feather Sailboat

Now for the race track:
Everyone will line up by the fan and
the first one to the opposite end wins.

Feather Boat Race Track

Alright everyone pick your racer, place your bets,
then hit play and see who the winner is.
Good Luck!

Let us know how you placed,
there may be prizes for the first place winners!

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