Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Creative Space

This is the first house I've lived in that has
an extra room to use just for my creative/art stuff.
The previous owners had used this room as a study/den
so it came papered in dull browns and golds.
I attempted to add some of my art things to the room
but they never seemed to belong there,
as you can see below:

Brown Plaid Art Room

Finally, I could stand it no longer
and took the plunge into tearing down the wallpaper.
What I found was a total mess
of nail holes and giant pits in the drywall:

Nail Holes Disaster

But, once I got everything patched up
and painted over things were looking up.

Freshly Painted Art Room

I put my art back up on the wall
and got to work creating things on my favorite spot, the floor.
I had decided to paint the walls white
so they would be like a blank canvas
and what does one do with a blank canvas but create on it.

Here are some photos of my most current creations:

Ceiling of Stars

Stars on the ceiling, of course,

Clothesline Wall

A clothesline at the top of one wall,

Wall of Art

and some of my most colorful art spread around the rest of the walls.

Years ago, I inherited a white hutch from my sister that
I immediately painted bright, vivid colors. 
This piece of furniture has stuck out like a sore thumb
no matter where I put it until now:

Colorful Hutch

Finally, it fits right in.

I feel a creative charge everytime I come into my new art space.
It has become one of my most favorite things.

Do you have a favorite space in your house?

1 comment:

O'Neal said...

You did a good job fixing it up, lot of work there. Plaid isn't all that swanky anyway.
My favorite place in my house is...well...I guess I don't really have one.


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