Monday, September 27, 2010

The Magic Ring

My mother gave me the most wonderful piece of jewelry today!
A ring:

clear magic ring
It is solid plastic and see-through.

Perhaps you are a bit more high-class than I am and
think that a plastic ring isn't anything to write a blog post about,
but that's just because you don't know yet.

This isn't your typical, clear, plastic ring.
This is an Amazing Magic Ring. 
Check it out:

Purple Magic Ring
Same ring, only now it's purple!
It magically changes color in the sunlight. 
I know, amazing, right?


Cari Lin said...

Aaahhh! I now have lizard-skinned, old-lady hands. I never knew this about myself until I saw these close-up pictures. Aaahhhh!

Sissy said...

Don't worry - we all knew this about your "Aunt Fran" hands :)

But the ring is still rather gorgeous - and cool as heck with the color-changing! Does only sunlight change it, or will a strong lightbulb or heat?

Cari Lin said...

At least my hands aren't as old as SOME people's!

I think just sunlight changes the ring's color. You should ask mom for one.


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