Friday, October 22, 2010

Go Fly a Kite

One of the big trees in our backyard is always losing its branches.
A couple of weeks ago, I was out picking them up
and it occurred to me that we should make kites out of them.
So, we did.

Kite Making Supplies
We gathered our supplies,

Kite Layouts
chose our layouts,
(Mine on the left, Husband's on the right)

Sewing Kites
sewed them together,

Homemade Kites
and, voila, kites!
(Husband's on the left, mine on the right)

All that was left was to take them out flying.
First we flew them in our backyard
then, later, out at Lake Michigan.


Shanners said...

Not bad. They look good. I think you may have a little more luck flying them if you add a tail for stability. And just imagine all the fun possibilities you can use! :)

Cari Lin said...

Ha! Thanks! How does everyone know about the whole "tail" thing except us? When we were at the beach trying to fly the kites, observers were telling us that we needed "tails" too.

Oh well. So the kites didn't fly. At least they looked good. : ) Like Billy Crystal used to say, "It's is better to look marvelous than to...."

O'Neal said...

Fun video and music. I agree that a tail would have helped, especially at the lake. Looked like you had more than enough wind.


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