Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kitty Condo

Husband's little cousin makes the coolest cardboard
Kitty Condos for his cats.
When we saw them, we knew that our puss, Momma, 
needed a condo of her own so we commissioned one for her.

Here it is:
Momma's Kitty Condo
Pretty deluxe, what with the purple duct tape
and the Godiva chocolates boxes!

But will the puss like it?
Let's find out:

Kitty Condo Approach
Her Approach.

Kitty Condo Entry and Sniff
Her Initial Entry and Sniff Around.

Kitty Condo Wind-Around and Backdoor Exit
Her Wind-Around and Backdoor Exit:

Kitty Condo Critique
'Yeah, that was fun, I guess.'

But, WAIT, what's this?

Kitty Condo, Second Floor
A second floor?!
Now things are getting interesting.

Room with a View
Oh, and a nice window with a view, too.

Kitty Condo Rocks
This Kitty Condo rocks!

All I need now is a cozy blanket and
a giant 'No Humans Allowed' sign...

1 comment:

O'Neal said...

Little cuz did a fine, fine job on the kitty condo. Two thumbs up on the purple duct tape!


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