Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mail Art

Mail Art


Mail Art from Brother
Look at this big hoopla from my brother!
Great articles and a really sweet fairy envelope.

Mail Art from Lauren Scott
A delightful plane envelope from Lauren Scott.
And those postcards are cute, too, right?
Well, that's what I thought until I read
the words at the bottom of the photos.
The one with the precious puppies says:  Your 401(k) is worthless.
And the cuddly kitten one says:  Dreams don't come true. 

Mail Art from Brother
And this awesomely handmade postcard,
again from my brother, who seems to be sucking up and
may, in fact, be asking me for a loan or something soon..
It's pretty funny, if you can read it.


sundae house mail art
I must have been hungry when making this house
as it turned out looking suspicously like an ice cream sundae 
with a cherry on top.

punk mail art
There is a lady who works at our local pizza place
with a gap in her ear lobe large enough that
I can see straight through it to the people behind her.
Pretty radical stuff for our small, little town.

udderly wonderful mail art
Udderly wonderful.

cartoon boy mail art

Quite the fabulous mail week, eh?

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