Friday, October 01, 2010

Pumpkin Fest

We went for a walk around Main Street last night
and discovered these pumpkin vignettes.
I thought they might give you some good ideas for
decorating your own homes this month.

pumpkin Pinnochio
First we found Pinnochio.

pumpkin romance
Then we rudely interrupted this romantic couple.
Check out the legs on her.  Vavoom!

Fishing Pumpkins
Shocking that this couple had their lines out all day but never caught a thing.

snowman pumpkins
Personally, I choose not to think about winter until I have to,
but this snowman made out of white painted pumpkins is a cute idea.

nice hat
Nice hat.

pumpkin golfer
This guy was just par fore the course.
Ha, ha.  Two puns in one sentence!

market pumpkin pigs
And these two made total pigs out of themselves at the market.

pumpkin pow-wow
Wow.  That was quite the pow-wow, eh?

Let me know if you do any cool decorating for the season!

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