Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Mail Art


My mother has been looking for this book in her house for months.
She finally found it.
I can't imagine how it can live up to all the hype!

She also sent this advertisement that was mailed to my dad!
See the inside below:

Poor guy!


I was totally robbed!
I saw this photo in a recent National Geographic magazine.
It's my driftwood and feather boat.

This statue cracked me up!
Not so much for the part you see here on the front of the envelope
but here on the back:

Nice, eh?
At least the little dude he's standing on seems happy.

Parents.  Geesh!

I hope the Post Office doesn't take this as a
commentary on their delivery service. 

Have a great mail week!


O'Neal said...

This post cracked me up.
Mom's book: Never heard of it. Is it popular in the book reading world?
Dad's ads: Not touching that one!
Driftwood and feather boat: Too funny that it showed up in Natl Geographic!
Big man crushing little man: That's just wrong!
The monkeys: I like how, on the stamp, Archie is being squeezed between Veronica and Betty. A case of monkey see, monkey do, no doubt.
Turtle/PO commentary: LOL

Cari Lin said...

Ha! Nice observation on the Archie stamp! Archie doesn't seemed too bothered by his predicament though...

O'Neal said...

Agreed, that big ol' grin of his speaks volumes.


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