Monday, November 15, 2010

Mail Art

Mail Art


Look at all this boring, plain mail I sent out:
Boring Mail
Manila and security lined envelopes?
I know, I just wasn't feeling it this week.

I decided to try my hand at fancy stationery instead.
I love paper cutting but could only find a razor blade
and no holder.  I thought I could manage.

This is how far I got:
Beginning of Paper Cutting

before my fingers looked like this:
Paper Cutting Fingers

So I stopped to make a run to the craft store.
With the proper tools, the cutting went great!

Tree Paper Cutting Stationery
Thank you note in the top square,
the closing valediction in the small bottom square.

Half of Face Paper Cutting Stationery

Palm Trees Paper Cutting Stationery

Starry Cloud Paper Cutting Stationery

I'm completely addicted to making these
so hurry up and send me a gift so I can thank you
with some of my fancy, smancy stationery!


O'Neal said...

Wow, that is seriously cool. Good job! I like the face and the tree the best. What kind of paper did you use? Did you freehand the cutting? What are the dimensions of one of them? (it's hard to tell their size from the picture.) How do you get one in an envelope without mangling it? Does your finger hurt? So many questions, so little time.

Cari Lin said...

Thanks! I used 70lb. drawing paper14x17 sheets. The first tree was the largest and it was really super hard to get into an envelope. After that, I trimmed the paper in half so they were 8.5x17. The 8.5 fit nicely in the envelopes with just one or two folds. I've heard that two of them have arrived safely and in one piece!

I sketched rough outlines on the paper before I started cutting. They were good for basic shapes and sizes but I ended up verring off the sketch quite often.

My finger is pretty much healed. Only I would be so lazy as to use a naked razor blade instead of going to the store for a holder. Ha!

Thanks for the interest! Let me know if you end up trying some.

Cari Lin said...

Oops! I mean that the pages were 8.5 x 14 once I cut them in half!

O'Neal said...

I doubt I will be trying it myself. I don't have an artistic bone in my body, I was just very impressed, and curious, by the pictures. Even cut down to half sheet size, those are pretty big!
I had wondered if you put the finished picture between 2 sheets of paper or cardboard for folding and/or mailing.
Good to hear they survived their trips.

The Missive Maven said...

Wow - looks awesome!


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