Friday, November 05, 2010

New Favorite Thing

Following a recent conversation with a friend,
we have developed a new favorite thing:

Do you see it?

That's right!
Our newest favorite thing is to spot single shoes
that have been abandoned along roadsides.

They are a most curoius phenomena.
How do they get there?
Why is there only one shoe?
Does the person just not notice that, all of a sudden, 
one of their shoes has gone missing?
Do they not think:
'Hmmm, one of my shoes just flew off my foot
and out the car window.
Perhaps I should circle back and pick it up?'

Delightful stuff!

If you spot a single shoe lying roadside,
feel free to take a photo and send it along to us!


O'Neal said...

LOL Here's my theory: It's fall, the shoe trees are dropping their shoe leaves! Shoe trees...get it?? SHOE TREEEEES!

Cari Lin said...

I think I follow you. : )

Hey, just reading your comment is good for my 'sole'. I see the 'root' of what you're getting at. Perhaps you could 'branch' out on that a little? You seem to be 'barking' up the right tree, if you see where I'm going with all of this...

O'Neal said...

Oh, I think I do. However, my energy is "sapped" at the moment, so I am going to "log" off for a while to give it some more thought....


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