Saturday, November 13, 2010

One of Those Things

The weather has been amazingly warm here.
We went out for a few bike rides
and guess what we found smooshed on the sidewalk
during our latest outing?

One of these Origami Number Thingies:

Origami Number Thing
I am sure they have a name.
I have no idea what it is
but I remember making them in elementary school.
Don't you?

The theme of this one is "What's Your Favorite Weather?"
and your choices are: Windy, Lightning, Sunny, or Stormy.
Let's see what Husband's favorite weather is:

How fun that kids still make this kind of stuff!


O'Neal said...

Google to the rescue! Cootie catcher, scrunchie, fortune teller, chancer, chatterbox. Cootie catcher is, by far, the best name of all.

Cari Lin said...

Cootie Catcher!! Hmmm.. None of these names ring a bell. But I am completely sure they have deep hidden powers because Husband's favorite weather IS sunny! Pretty amazing, eh?

O'Neal said...



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