Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Poultry Farm

I have had a long love of chickens.
I even own this picture book full of chicken portraits:

So, when Husband stopped at a
gum ball machine and scored me this:

I was elated!
He is super tiny and has a hole in his rear.
I loved him immediately.
But being such a small little guy, I worried about his safety.
What if he got lost?  What if the cat ate him?
Then I came up with a solution:

I made him his own miniature barnyard complete with a picket fence.
Doesn't he look right at home?

I think he is the cutest rubber chicken ever.
He just needs a name.
Have any suggestions?


Glenda said...

He definitely looks like an"Edmund" to me!

Anonymous said...

Fancy Pants
Arnold Swartzen"egger"


Cari Lin said...

Ooohhh, I like Edmund and Fancy Pants! Nice job on the 'egger'. We can make a punner out of you yet! Thanks for the great suggestions!

O'Neal said...

Lucky Cluck


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