Saturday, November 20, 2010

Special Delivery

What's the most natural thing in the world
for a girl who loves both care-free crafts and mail?

Turkey Mailbox
Why, decorating her mailbox for Thanksgiving, of course!

Thanksgiving Mailbox
Isn't he a work of art?
Unfortunately, I missed the mail lady today
but I'll leave him out for her to discover tomorrow!

Backside of Turkey Mailbox
Oh, I just couldn't resist a look back!

Isn't Thanksgiving fun?


Anonymous said...

So what did your mail lady do?

Sounds like an oxymoron (the words, not you) when you say "mail lady" out loud.....


Cari Lin said...

I'm not sure what the mail lady did. I'm sure she smiled and thought something like, "Gee, this fun mailbox really brightens my day. I bet that a really talented, lovely lady lives at this address."

Do you think?


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