Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Walk in the Woods

When you go for a walk this late in the fall season,
you see a lot of this:

Brown Autumn Day
Brown, brown, everything brown.
That's why when you spot of patch of color like this:

Magical Green Oasis
You can't help but notice.
I thought it looked like a magical, green oasis.
A happy spot of life in the midst of all the crunchy brown.

When we came back the next week for another walk,
we made sure to search for the green, mossy stump.
Look what we found:

Magical Fairy Place
Oh my gosh! 
Could it be?
Yes, it was a magical fairy place!

Fairy Place Close-Up
We didn't want to intrude,
but we just had to get a closer look.

Fairy Dining Table
What an adorable little table with tiny toadstool chairs!
It looked like we interrupted their dinner
as the table was set for a feast.
Sorry Fairies!

Fairy Toadstool
With just one quick close-up of the top toadstool,
we were back on the path and on our way
so the fairies could enjoy their meal.

Isn't the world a most magical place?

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