Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Tree

After decorating an entire department store for Christmas,
a lady can grow pretty sick of
 red velvet bows and shiny, round ornaments.
Last year I didn't even put up a tree at home.
This year, I decided to try something different:
 an entire tree decorated with things I made myself.
Nothing shiny. 
Everything full of fun!

First off, I thought my new train set
would be perfect down on the skirt.

Then I added over 60 feet of paper garland.

Finally, I topped it off with about 30 or so ornaments
and, ta-da, I had a Christmas tree like none I've seen before.
I think it is tons of fun.
 And I love it!

If you love your Christmas tree too,
why not send us a picture of it.
We'd love to see it!


lori said...

Love your tree! So colorful!

Patty Davidson (Just Letter Rip) said...

Your tree is wonderful and takes me back to when my children were small. Back then, most of our ornaments were similar. I miss those days.

Merry Christmas.

P.S. Where are the strands of popcorn? :-)

Cari Lin said...

Thank you Ladies! How are your trees looking?

Patty, I thought of making popcorn strings but worried about ant/mice issues, or I suppose even cat issues. Ha.

O'Neal said...

Very nice! Something tells me you're out of construction paper.

Cari Lin said...

Oh, heck no, I still have hundreds of sheets of paper left. The fun will continue!

Anonymous said...

Love it! If we had a tree my kids would totally love the project. I love your cute!

One More Equals Four said...

How adorable! What a fun, festive, unique tree! And you probably had a blast doing it!

secondofwett said...

We have our tree up but so far NOTHIING is on it! Hopefully this wknd hubby will get the lights on and then the kids and I can do the rest...thanks for stopping by my place!

Lea said...

That is just the absolute cutest! And, so original!

Blessings to you!

Kristan Anne said...

I love the paper chain garland! Pretty doesn't always have to include glitter and gold.

LydiaCate said...

Love your tree! You are so creative!
Merry Christmas!

Cari Lin said...

Thanks for all the nice comments on my tree everyone!


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