Friday, December 31, 2010

Mail Art: Christmas Edition

The holidays are the best time
for mail lovers like me.
Every day for weeks,
there was fun mail full of love and well wishes.
We put the cards on the dining table and
waited until dinner to open them
and read them aloud.


We had a record year: 31 Christmas cards!
We started taping them on the sliding doors
but then had to continue on to the mirror.
Lucky us!

Thanks to all the friends and family members
who thought of us this season!


Our Christmas card was minuscule this year. 
It measured 1/2 inch by 1 inch.
We sent it out in a normal sized envelope,
but once it was opened all you saw was this:

And, if you followed the arrow,
you saw this:
What in the world,
we imagined people thinking.

Then you took out the red thing
 and saw this:
Our mini-card!
About the size of a penny.

Of course, there was only room for the
briefest, smallest message
but it did the job and people
seemed to enjoy receiving them.

I hope you, too, had some fun mail over the holiday season!


lori said...

love your new look!

O'Neal said...

Nice incoming stash. And love that super fun outgoing mini-card! It's so cool when someone does something very unique like that. Good job! And also, wishing you two, Cari and husband, and the rest of your gang a very Happy New Year!


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