Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mail Art

It's been a busy week!


Mail Art
I received this letter from my penpal, Mel.
She writes the longest, most interesting letters.  I love them!

Mail Art letter from Patty
And just check out this bonanza package from Patty!
It was buldging with tons of goodies .
I definitely owe this lady a reply!

Ninja Mail Art
Our friend in the military sent us a little letter with this drawing.
We recently got a new pet rabbit whose name is Ninja.
This hilarious drawing is how our friend visualizes him.

This is what Ninja actually looks like:
Ninja Bunny
Too cute, eh?


Mail Art Slacker Santas
A room full of slacker Santas.
Who knew Santa school was so dull.
Crying Baby Mail Art
Oh, how cute...
A screaming, crying baby...

Birthday Letdown Mail Art
My sister just had a birthday.
There's nothing worse than After-Birthday-Letdown.
Cheer up Sissy, only 11 more months 'til the next one!

Patty-Cake Baby Mail Art
And another baby.  This one plays patty cake.

I have been receiving lots of Christmas cards
and, of course, I've sent ours out too.
I'll post about them soon.


O'Neal said...

Mel's letter: holy cow, that's a long letter, and it's not even double-spaced!
Patty's pkg: playing bingo by mail, very interesting.
Cartoon Ninja: Love it!
Real Ninja: Awww, cute little bunny.
Outgoing mail: Slacker santas, ha ha ha!
I see the stamps, but where did you put the addresses?

Cari Lin said...

Ha, I took some of the photo before I wrote the addresses. Easier to post that way. Playing Bingo by mail would be interesting, but no Patty just sent me her losing Bingo sheets. : )


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