Friday, December 17, 2010

Tea Time

My sister gave me a "Grow Your Own Herbal Tea Kit"
which I happily planted right away:
Cute, eh?
It came with seeds for:  Chamomile, Lemon Balm,
and Spearmint.

And, surprise, it wasn't long before I discovered
some fairy furniture in the pebble paths:

The seeds were to take one week to germinate.
Here's a photo of my seeds after almost two weeks:

Yeah, big bummer, no sprouts.
But it wasn't a complete waste.
I kept the soil moist, just like it said to in the
instructions, and about two days ago
I noticed some tiny spots of mold growing on top of the soil.
At least I can grow something!


Lea said...

Well, it sure is a cute pot. Maybe you can find something else to use the pot for in the future. How funny!

Thanks for stopping by and many Christmas blessings!

mholgate said...

This sounds like me...which is why I don't have a garden! :)

Have a great weekend!

CindyC said...

Aw, well, it looks cute. Maybe you can plant something that's already growing.

By the way, I'm really good at growing mold, if you need any pointers. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bummer! I'm no good at growing things. =( Cute pot though!!

One More Equals Four said...

Hysterical...that happens to me every time I get one of those least I know I am not alone! You have a cute little fairy playland now, though!


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