Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mail Art Cont.


It's a complete blizzard today
which gives me plenty of time
to take some photos of the luscious mail
I've received lately:

Valentine Mail Art
Is this the most beautiful Valentine you've ever seen? 
Handmade wonderfulness
and a newspaper article about someone we know.

Mail Art
A delightful letter and envelope from Patty and
a couple of nice letters from various parental figures too.

Mail Art and Handwriting
New Year's photo and stickers from parental figures
and a lovely letter from Ilona
Check out her handwriting.
Fabulously stylish.

Thanks everyone!
We shall see if the mail can make it through
our drifting, towering snow piles.
I hope it can as happy letters are among
the most cheerful of things.


lori said...

I saw Ilona's handwriting and just about flipped. Her handwriting looks just like my friends in NY. Wow!

Cari Lin said...

Hmmm, I wonder if the two ladies have similar personalities? I've heard that handwriting can reveal a person's personality characteristics.


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