Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Mail Art

Here are some samples of the different hand-lettering
styles I've been doodling lately.
(Note to self: red, shiny envelopes neither
scan nor photograph well...):

I tried to match the lettering style on the envelope
to the personality of the receiver.
This playful script was for a happy, cheerful recipient.

This one was made out of little suns but had an overall mechanical feel
so I sent it to an engineer family who finds it amusing
to repeatedly inform me of their warm winter weather.

This kooky, asteroid, from-another-planet style
went to an appropriate family.
No offense Mom.

And, of course, this foofy-fancy one had to go to my sister
who likes to think that she's real tough
but who is actually quite sweet. 

Happy Mail to you!


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Nice, eh.


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