Monday, March 28, 2011

Mail Art


Mail Art from Parental Figure
I received this fun letter and
newspaper clippings from a parental figure.

I'll zoom in for a closer look at this
photo and witty post-it:
Mail Art Close-Up
Check out the faces of the second
and third place winners.
Ha.  Too funny!

Mail Art Card
Smiles and stickers.
What could be better?

And we received some
love from our families in honor
of our 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Mail Art for Anniversary
Sweet cards.
Can you find the cat and bunny in
the card on the right?

And I think we may have a new
artist in the family.
Check out this card:

Mail Art
Pretty nice, eh?
I especially appreciate that Erma Stanley Wellington
made it into the portrait.
Thanks for this.
It cracked us up!

And to all those who are wondering,
Outgoing mail will be coming soon!


O'Neal said...

Belated happy anniversary to you both!

Too funny about the faces of the dammit-I-didn't-win boys.

And, it looks to me like that is Stanley in the drawing, not Erma. Am I right? Am i? Am I?!

Cari Lin said...

Oh, wow! You're right! It is Stanley. He wants Erma to come look. I'll have to correct myself.
You're good!

O'Neal said...

Nice recovery. If only someone had invented blog whiteout, no one would have ever known.


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