Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Wellingtons

Today is a very happy day
as the Wellingtons have returned to our backyard!

Ducks in the Backyard
Hello there, Erma and Stanley!

Male Duck in our Backyard
Doesn't Stanley look handsome and manly
standing guard while Erma snacks on bird seed?

Ducks in our Backyard Pond
As they swam some laps in the pond,
we couldn't help but wonder:
will there be baby Wellingtons this year? 
We hope so!

We'll keep you posted!


lori said...

So exciting to see the ducks again. I can't wait till ours come back.
(dan's not too excited though)

O said...

Hey, they look EXACTLY like the pair that used to show up at my house each spring. They're obviously lost.

O'Neal said...

And I obviously forgot to type out the rest of my name. Ha ha!

Cari Lin said...

O'Neal, welcome back. And stop trying to claim my ducks!

Cari Lin said...

Lori tell Dan that sure the ducks poop a lot, but they're so cute! I'm sure that argument will sway him to our side.


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