Friday, April 22, 2011

Hoppy Day

Spring has arrived
and you know who that brings to town:

The Easter Bunny!

I'm hoping he brings me something
good in my mailbox.

Hoppy weekend everyone!


O'Neal said...

That's one cheery Easter bunny mailbox. I hope he doesn't suffer the same fate as turkey mailbox.
And I feel bad for neighbor #2736's mailbox. He's lookin' a little depressed.

Cari Lin said...

You're right. Do you think it's bad form to decorate your neighbor's mailbox whether they like it or not?

O'Neal said...

LOL no, not bad form at all! go ahead and do it, you have my permission.
You just missed National Pigs In A Blanket Day, so I suggest you decorate either for National Richter Scale Day and/or Nation Pretzel Day, which are today, April 26th.
Hop to it!


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