Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stanley, Stanley, Stanley and Co.

What is this, "Boys' Night Out"?
Three men with no woman in sight?
Obviously, they're up to no good.

Backyard Ducks and Rabbit

And how cute is this fluffy bunny friend of theirs?
We may have to name him as well.

Backyard Ducks and Rabbit
It's like we live on a nature preserve instead of
in a suburban subdivision.

Love it!


O'Neal said...

Three Men And A Bunny! Seriously, that is so cool.

Anonymous said...

Those wabbitses and ducks is everywhere

Cari Lin said...

O'Neal, did I miss this comment before? Anyway, impressive combo of pun/movie reference! Me like.

Anonymous, well, they better not be eating my flowers! Dandelions. They're supposed to love to eat dandelions. What's wrong with those wabbitses??


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