Friday, May 13, 2011

Mail Art


How exciting is this?

Mail Art from Aunt W
A handmade fanmail card for the blog.
Thanks, Aunt W, it is just lovely!


Mail Art
I just now noticed that my cloud looks like
a smiley face frog!

Skeleton Mail Art
Judging by their faces, I'm guessing that someone just informed
these two that it was swimsuit season yet again.

Elvis/Nixon Mail Art
Excuse me, Elvis, is that a championship
professional wresting belt you are wearing?

Fruit Face Mail Art
I'm going to guess that this guy is a vegetarian.

Fish Face Mail Art
And, I don't know about this dude,
but something seems a little fishy about him.
Maybe he's not to scale?
Maybe he's not fin-ished?
And where is he going all dressed up
in his pearl earrings?


O'Neal said...

Aww, that was nice of Aunt W. Ha ha swimsuit season! The last guy, it's amazing that someone could come up with an artistic rendering like that on porpoise. The envelopes are all excellent. But, that Elvis envelope was definitely crying out for a snazzy Elvis stamp. Just sayin' ;)

Cari Lin said...

Oh, I know! I have the lamest stamps. "Forever" stamps from the grocery store, for Pete's sake.

PS. Who is Pete for Pete's sake?

O'Neal said...

My guess is that Pete is the lame grocery store guy who sells you the lame grocery store "Forever" stamps:)


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