Monday, May 09, 2011

West Coast Adventure

I went for a brotherly visit in California a while ago
and look who I took with me:

Finger Puppet on the Coast
Blue Bird!
After all, no trip would be complete
without a finger puppet along for the ride.

I had a wonderful tour guide and
saw some interesting Yard Art:

Concrete Cow Yard Art
Like this gorgeous coastal estate in Malibu
that came complete with a grazing area for
 their herd of concrete cows.

Hammer at the Playground
And this giant hammer that stood guard
over a public playground.

The hammer had no anatomically correct body parts

Hammer Buttocks
except for these disturbingly defined buttocks.

I loved my time on the West Coast,
and I wouldn't want to be one to complain,
but the traffic was just outrageous.

I mean, I had to come to a complete stand still
in order to accommodate these hooligans
who just barged their way past me without
any concern for traffic laws
or common courtesy:
Duck Traffic Jam
Not only that, 
they had the nerve to honk at me
like it was somehow all my fault!

But, seriously, if you've got some free time and money,
you might consider heading for the California coastline.

It makes for a beautiful getaway.


O'Neal said...

Fun pictures! Looks and sounds like you had great weather and a nice time out there. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love a good hammer-butt!



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