Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fairy Doors

We were recently taken on a treasure hunt
by a couple of our lovely Parental Figures.

The treasure: Fairy Doors!

Ann Arbor Fairy Doors
One of our larger college cities has become home
to fairies.  You are provided with a vague map
of the inhabited downtown buildings and
from there  it's up to you to try to find the doors.

Ann Arbor Fairy Door Treasures
Many of the doors held fairy offerings left by
previous treasure hunters:
gumdrops, jewels, stickers, pennies, etc.

Ann Arbor Fairy Doors
Aren't they enchanting?

Ann Arbor Bookstore Fairy Door
Some of the doors were inside and made from books.

If you bent down low and squinted your eyes,
you could peek inside their tiny fairy windows:
Ann Arbor Fairy Door House

Fortunately for Fathers and Husbands,
there were also army figures available to war with
if all this fairy stuff started to feel too foofy: 

Ann Arbor Fairy Door Figurines
Isn't that fun?

Ann Arbor Fairy Door
I think we were successful in finding all the doors,
although they do seem to come and go
so future return trips may be necessary.

Gee, all this fairy talk has got me to thinking about our own
backyard fairies.  But, not to worry though.
I think I've found the perfect helpers for building
this year's fairy houses. 

Stay tuned!

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