Thursday, June 02, 2011

Giant Chess

One of our town parks has Giant Chess:

Giant Chess

From Memorial Day to Labor Day,
Giant Chess is just waiting to be played.
Sometimes it is so busy that people have to wait in line to play
but today we are the only competitors.

Husband's side:
Husband's Side

versus the Wife's side:
Wife's Side

Before play begins, we pause to pay tribute to the King and Queen:
The Royal Couple
Sweet couple, eh?

Husband contemplates his moves:
Husband Playing Chess

But it is the Wife who gets the King first:
Chess Game Winner
Although I secretly suspect Husband let me win,
I pull out all the stops with a tacky victory dance anyway.

Play game of Giant Chess in 2011:  Check! 


Husband said...

Last knight I went to church and spoke to my bishop, who said that I got rooked in that game, that I was just a pawn to be used in the blog.

Cari Lin said...

The bishop was probably just horsing around. If you want the true answer, you should check with the king, Mate.

O'Neal said...

LOL Husband and wife are funny. Speaking of funny, it would be really funny if the chess pieces were actually normal size, and husband and wife were actually teeny tiny!


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