Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mail Art

Outgoing (with a "water" theme):

I finally got back to sending out some mail.
Sunny, summer weather can be so distracting!

Mail Art
Things don't look good for that little fellow in the upper left corner...

Mail Art Crowded Beach
Ahhh, because nothing says "relaxing"
like jamming yourself in at the beach
directly alongside 3 or 4 or 500 sweaty strangers.

Mail Art Tarzan Swing
This, on the other hand,
looks just about perfect!

Now, back to the sunshine.


Bev Sykes said...

Love your envelopes!

O'Neal said...

What IS that "little fellow" in the upper left corner? A fish? I can't tell.

The 2nd picture...way, way, way too much sun-screen-slathered humanity for me.

The 3rd picture...Yes! Perfect!

Cari Lin said...

Thanks Bev!

Oneal: I think the word should be, what WAS that little fellow. Ha! He was a tiny fish.


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