Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk

We visited a neighboring tiny-town last weekend
for their Sidewalk Chalk Competition.
I was envisioning stick people and hop-scotch courses
so imagine my surprise when we came upon these entries:

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing
Pretty cool, eh?

Sidewalk Chalk Competition
This leprechaun was done by a teenage boy.

Some of the entries contained important messages:
Sidewalk Chalk Festival
"Say no to drugs.  Say yes to tacos"

Sidewalk Chalk Drawing
"Get out.  Go Fish"

Others were just Flying Pigs!
Sidewalk Chalk Festival

But I have to say that my most favorite entry of all
was this one:
Sidewalk Chalk Competition Entry
I sure hope Pennelope, age 8, took home the prize!

Thanks for joining me.
I'm feeling inspired to go draw in our driveway now.
Hop-scotch anyone?


O'Neal said...

Very cool! Were there any drawings of Dolly Parton by any chance?

Cari Lin said...

Sorry to disappoint, but it was a Dolly-free event. There's always next year though!


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