Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fairy Houses

It was that time of year again, time for new fairy houses,
and this year I had TWO helpers:
my good friend and her 5 year-old niece:
Fairy House Helper
Isn't she cute?
She wore a tu-tu and brought a fairy wand
(see it behind our fairy houses?)
and a fairy doll.

Fairy Houses 2011
These were our houses and they came complete
with stone paths, bark chip beds, leaf blankets, pine cone pillows,
and a communal dining area.
I thought they were pretty fancy
but a 5-year-old imagination did not stop there.

Fairy House Bathroom
She had us building things like
this bathroom with a wood plank walkway
and even a flower for a deodorizer.

Fairy House Stage
Then we moved over to the pond 
and built this lillypad stage
for when the fairies wanted to sing. 

Fairy Houses 2011
All that building left us famished
so we decided to head inside for some snacks.

Later, we tiptoed back outside to see if any fairies had moved in.
We didn't see anyone around.
Bummer, but I promise to  
keep you posted should any magical creatures appear.

Thanks for joining me!

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