Friday, July 22, 2011

Some Hop in Our Scotch

After a long week of work,
I wanted to do something special to help Husband
relax when he got home.
I thought, you know what he needs?

Husband Starts Hopscotching
A nice game of Hopscotch!

It had been so long since I'd played,
I had to research the rules online.
Luckily, they were fairly simple.

Throw a rock and start hopping.

A Hopscotching and Hopping Wife
Skip over the numbered square that your rock lands on.

Hopscotch Turn-Around
Stop when you reach the top.

Round of Hopscotch
And turn around.

Hopscotch Game
Remember to pick up your rock before you go back by.

Winning at Hopscotch
And, ta-da,
you're a Hopscotch winner!

We played several rounds,
and one time we got so excited that we
used TWO rocks at once!

Well, now that you've been refreshed on the rules,
I suspect there will be a lot of you out
hopping in your driveways this weekend.
Am I right?


O'Neal said...

I was going to try it, but I have a chat driveway, I wouldn't know which rock was the one I tossed. Bummer.

Hey, you should try blindfolds, like you did with the "pin the tail on the donkey" game. Not only exciting, but a touch of danger, too!

Cari Lin said...

Bummer about the driveway thing. Yes, blindfolds would be quite daring! But when you're old like us, you do start to worry about "broken bones". : )

O'Neal said...

Ok then, try blindfolds and bubble wrap. If you still wimp out, might as well get your AARP application in the mail.


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