Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mail Art


I was saddened to hear that the postal service
just announced a $3.5 billion loss so far this year,
following a $9 billion loss last year. 

All very good reasons to celebrate
those who do their part in keeping snail mail alive.

A big "Yippee" to all these mail senders:

Mail Art Winnie-The-Pooh Thank You Card
A parental figure made us this cutie-pa-tootie
Winnie-The-Pooh thank you card.

And check out this bonanza:
Mail Art Bonanza
Letters, newspaper articles, postcards:
what could be more fun?!

And then there are all of these:
I am coming up on a "milestone" birthday and
my Sissy (who is Much Much older than me, by the way)
thinks it is just so funny to send me
as many Your-an-Old-Person-Now cards as she can find. 
This has been going on for weeks.
Sisters.  Aren't they great!

Oh, and I've received other things
that I got too excited about and forgot to photograph.
Cool things like:
a box of seashells from parental figures,
magazines, a book of crosswords puzzles.
I'm telling you, it has been a party
virtually every day out at my mail box! 

Thanks to everyone for thinking of me
and for helping to keep the mail service in business.

Long live the USPS!


O'Neal said...

Hey! Censored birthday cards are no fun!

The postcards are all very cool. Can't figure out what's going on with that cat in Los Angeles though.

And happy birthday whenever it gets here!

Cari said...

Hey, I'm not fool! And, anyway, it is a woman's perogative not to mention her age. So there. : )

The LA postcard was from my brother and the backside read: Giant North-American Brown Swirled Tabby male facing off against armada of dirigibles, helicopters, and small aircraft near downtown Los Angeles, California.

I hope that makes it all clearer to you, especially the words armada and dirigibles.

O'Neal said...

Oh, I see, you're playing the "woman's perogative" card. Fine, you win.

Ooooh, sounds like you're sorta channeling Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men when he said to Tom Cruise: "Do I make myself clear?" Tom then replied, "Crystal".

I digressed, sorta. Anyway, that LA cat, armada, dirigible postcard is super cool!

O'Neal said...

Correction: After his rant, with spit flying out of his mouth, Jack Nicholson said, not one, but twice, "Are we clear?" To which Tom Cruise replied, "Crystal". My bad.

Great movie. I hope someone gives you the DVD for your birthday.

Cari said...

oh, well, if you're going to go A Few Good Men on me, then I didn't mention my age because "You can't handle the truth!"

O'Neal said...

Dang, you're good! LOL that totally cracked me up.


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