Monday, July 25, 2011

Trespassing with Phant

Phant thought it was an especially lovely day today
so I decided to take him with me on my bike ride to the library.

Phant Goes To The Library

Everything was going smoothly,
until we spotted this purple bridge:

Purple Bridge
There it was, purple,
and just sitting there in some one's front yard,
way up by their front door.
Phant simply had to stop and walk on the bridge.
So began our afternoon of trespassing.

We crept through the grass
right up to this stranger's front patio
and just began playing with their things.

Phant Trespassing
Isn't purple a great color for Phant?

And, once we had committed the crime and
gotten away clean,
we were so high from the excitement that
we couldn't stop ourselves from doing it again.

We ran wild through the city streets!

Hotdogging Phant
Here's Phant hotdogging it on some stranger's hot rod.
"Look, Ma, no hands. Just a snout!"

Phant's Titanic Moment
And we had to stop by the local ice cream joint
so Phant could live out his own Titanic moment.
Such a drama queen!

Phant on Babe's Bike
Then it was back into private citizens' front yards
when Phant eyed this babe on a bike.
I don't know what she was doing out there unattended,
but I think Phant was flirting with her.
Don't tell She Phant!

Phant Throwing Caution to the Wind
We threw caution to the wind

Farmer's Market Phant
and stopped by the farmer's market.
Phant was hungry.

Laying Low at the Library
Of course, we did eventually make it to the library.
It became our Safe House where
we laid low in case the authorities were on to us.

I was worried that all the excitement
had been too much for Phant:

Phant Blasts Off
but as you can see,
he was having a blast.

Whatever you do,
don't tell Husband about our seedy adventures.
He's sure to frown on my
turning Phant into a felon.

I just hope he doesn't see any of these
posted around town:
Phant, a Wanted Man

The shame of it all!


O'Neal said...

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Tsk tsk. Shame shame. (But I have to say it was comical reading about the day you two had, especially the throwing of caution to the wind. ha ha!)

Anonymous said...

This would make a great children's and all. Or a manual "Trespassing for Dummies".

Cari Lin said...

Hey, Trespassing for Dummies. Are you trying to say something about our intelligence here? Ha!

O'Neal: I knew a good pun like that would not pass you by!


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