Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Love Handles

I love my bicycle.
It's one of my most favorite things ever.
So, you can imagine how excited I was
when I was given the chance to supe-her-up recently!

Having rented a beach cruiser bicycle
while out in California last spring:
Bicycle rented in Venice Beach
I knew that cruiser handlebars would make
the perfect new addition to my bicycle.

To refresh your memory,
here is a picture of my bike before,
with the old mountain bike handlebars:
Decorated Bicycle

And here she is now:
Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Isn't she beautiful?

The cruiser handlebars are 28 inches wide
and rise up 6 inches.
Cruiser Handlebars on my Bike
This means that I now sit straight up when riding.
No more hunkering forward
with all my weight supported on my wrists and hands.
Also, sitting straight up  means that
I no longer have to crank my neck upward
in order to look forward.
Bicycle with Beach Cruiser Handlebars
I always knew I loved my bike,
but now I love her even  more.

In fact,
I think I'll go out for a ride.
Happy Pedaling everyone!

PS.  I'm thinking that the new handlebars are
calling for me to add on even more decorations.
What do you think?


Winnie's Girl said...

You should totally add streamers!

Cari said...

I was SO thinking of streamers. Husband thinks they would be too much. Well, now it's two against one! Thanks for the suggestion!


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