Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mail Art: Audible Edition

While I typically focus on the visual aspect
of Mail Art,
I have finally come to my senses
and decided to try something audible:

Marble Mail Art
I took a few marbles and

Marble Mail Art
an empty gallon jug

Mail Art Label
slapped on an address label,
and ta-da,
listen to this:

Can you imagine how happy
the postman was to have this rattling around
the back of his truck all day?

The perfect thing to send when you suspect
someone has lost their marbles.
Happy Snail Mail!


Parental Figure said...

Much to my surprise when I picked it up at the post office as well!

Cari said...

Oh yes, one of the great joys in life: You never know what might show up in the day's mail!

O'Neal said...

So, it really made it through the postal system intact, eh? Ha ha! Good one!


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