Friday, August 12, 2011

Mail Art

As some of you have noted,
I am not one to get fancy with my postal stamps.
But, when I read  a story about Owney in the newspaper,
I knew I had to make a special effort to get his stamp.

Owney, The Postal Dog Stamps:
Mail Art: Owney the Postal Dog
Isn't he cute?

Here is his story that was printed on the backside of the stamps:
Mail Art: Owney's stamp Story
Nice story,
but the newspaper article I read
talked more about the Smithsonian's efforts to fix
Owney up for his big re-debut.
Turned out that he was missing an eye and 
large patches of fur, had to get a new nose, and
his original stitch marks scared the children.

But, no worries, we can now all breathe a sigh of relief
because Owney has been restored!
He no longer scares the children
and his face is on a stamp.

Outgoing Mail Art Box
Any guesses as to what this
recipient does for a living?

And, how's this for creepy:
Mail Art Envelope
The walls, the lady in pink propped up in bed having tea,
the three dogs surrounding her, the guy reading the paper,
the Snoopy in a special Snoopy-sized chair,
and the live kitty on the back chair.
I found it all rather disturbing,
so of course, it had to be sent out
so that it could disturb others as well.

Happy Mailing everyone!


O'Neal said...

First, that's so rude that someone has harassed you about your boring stamps : )

Owney interested me. Did a google search for more info. Amazing story, with a sad ending.

I'm guessing the recipient of the first outgoing is a window washer or a pharmaceutical salesperson or Phil Donahue.

The last photo. I predict you, Husband and Phant in that same scenario in about 30-40 years : )

Anonymous said...

As the recipient of the last photo,
yes, it was a bit creepy, but more so it look like (to me) an aging, hasbeen actress reminiscing about her heyday. (Maybe a Zsa Zsa Gabor moment!!!) But your envelopes are quite unique to say the least. Keep them coming! : ) (From a happy parental figure).

Chris said...

Happy, Happy Day...How about Happy Happy Month....See what happens when u have a retired senior, with a computer on lap and a lot of time to spare on a Sunday afternoon. Have a great day!

Bev Sykes said...

Poor Ownie. They don't know exactly what happened but he was apparently shot while attacking a postal worker!

Cari said...

Oh gee, now my Postal Dog Hero has a sad ending. Poor guy! At least his memory lives on.

Happpy Parent Person: Yes, it does look like a Zsa-Zsa moment! That's spot on.

O'Neal: I, Phant, and Husband would never do anything weird like that. : )


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